Nicola Eve Baldwin


Nicola first qualified as a Mat Work Teacher in 2007 with Body Control.  She continued her training and in 2012 became a Comprehensive Apparatus Teacher with Power Pilates.  This was endorsed by completing further comprehensive training at Pilates Nation with Alison Goodman in 2013.  She carries on learning and studying with other teachers and has attended workshops with Blossom Leilani-Crawford, Kathi Ross Nash and Alycea Ungaro.

        I am passionate about pilates and love teaching and inspiring others. Pilates should be fun, challenging and invigorating.



The pilates method of body conditioning is complete coordination of body, mind and spirit


Nicola is classically trained and a member of the Pilates Teaching Asscociation, a professional body which represents Pilates Teachers who are committed to the creation of a distinct occupation as a Pilates Teacher and to the preservation and teaching of the Pilates Method.


Joseph Piltes

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The Pilates Teaching Accociation protects the public by creating a Register of Pilates Teachers who have appropriate qualifications, skills and experience to deliver the Pilates method to a wide range of the population.

centering, concentration, control, precision, breath, fluid movement

The apparatus, designed by Joseph Pilates, helps to build a powerful core.  It is essentially resistance training with springs. The body and apparatus work together in a balanced way to facilitate aligned movement. As teachers we are trying to achieve a well balanced body that is able to cope with the physical challenges of life. In a typical session you will exercise on both the mat and the specialised apparatus like the Cadillac, the Reformer and the Wunda chair.  A session will help you feel taller, stronger and more connected.  I believe in life long learning and my pilates journey continues...